"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." (Phil. 4:13) 我 靠 着 那 加 给 我 力 量 的 , 凡 事 都 能 作 。(腓4:13)

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Our Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning

We strongly believe that office cleanliness is key and plays a role in the performance of employees. Upholding our cleanliness standards, we ensure that every office is well cleaned, meeting satisfactory levels for all our clients.

Commercial Building Cleaning
Commercial Building Cleaning

When it comes to commercial building cleaning, we house various forms of services such as leaf blowing, carpark washing, drainage clearing, rubbish clearing, ventilation fan cleaning, fan & light cleaning, mopping & scrubbing, water jet cleaning and window cleaning.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning
Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, it’s not as simple as it looks. Besides the typical vacuuming done, we also do in-depth shampooing to make your carpet cleaner. Don’t believe in our results? Clik in and have a look at our before and after photos!

Disinfection Fogging Cleaning
Disinfection Fogging Cleaning

Our fogging methods cover a wide area quickly and clean areas that are hard to reach. With our effective and efficient methods, we provide a healthier and safer environment.

Water Jet Cleaning
Water Jet Cleaning

With the latest equipment, our water jet cleaning services are here to make a difference. Remove those algae grown on your walls, or polish up the dirt stuck onto your walls with us.

Polish & Wax (Vinyl Floors)
Polish & Wax (Vinyl Floors)
地板打蜡 (乙烯基地板)

Having a spick and span office is definitely beneficial for the employees. With the addition of shining Vinyl Floors, it will create a whole new atmosphere in the office.

Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning

Cleaning at home can be a chore at times, and that’s why we’re here for you. Be it polishing, dusting or vacuuming, let us experts get it sorted all for you. Relieve your workload today!

Ad-Hoc Cleaning
Ad-Hoc Cleaning

We understand that there are times of emergency where cleaning is necessary. Be it for a post-wedding, post-event or emergency leakages, we’re here to get this solved for you.

Over more than a decade, we have amassed a reputation for being proficient and meticulous. Our services are designed around your schedule and individual business needs, and we ensure that there is no disruption in your working environment. Under the supervision of our professionals, you can channel your fullest energy into your core business and we’ll do the rest! With our rich experience in the cleaning industry, we are highly confident in handling your cleaning jobs with a high level of professionalism. Let our Friendly Supplies cleaning specialists create a cleaner, more productive and pleasant business environment for your optimal business operations!

Our Most Popular Services

Service consists of:

Office Cleaning

  • Maintain cleanliness at the front office reception area
  • Sweep, mop or vacuum & maintain cleanliness at the business area, director room, manager room & meeting room
  • Dust and damp-wipe all horizontal surfaces of desks, tables, pc, monitor, printer, fax machine & all permanent furnishings
  • Empty all trash receptacles, wipe down if necessary and remove trash to the dumpster
  • Spot clean, removing fingerprints and smudges from partition glass or any glass surface.
  • Cleaning of telephones with antiseptic germicide
  • Wash glasses and cups
  • Clean & maintain Fridges & Microwave cleanliness if any
  • Fill water bottle
  • Maintain tidiness
  • Mop floor with a disinfectant
  • Wash & Mop the floor dry with disinfectant
  • Clean and polish dispensers, mirrors and fixtures
  • Clean and disinfect using a germicidal solution on all basins, toilet bowls, and urinals
  • Restock all paper products and hand soap (paper towels, hand soap and toilet paper provided by your company)

Service consists of:

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

  • Dry vacuum the whole carpet area
  • The machine scrubbed the whole floor.
  • Carpet extractor applies for shampooing
  • Apply nontoxic anti microorganisms germicide, disinfecting & deodorizing, destroys bad smell, cockroaches, bugs & ants
  • Every effort will be made to remove all spots and stains. However, there may be stubborn stains that may not be removed entirely except reduced to less visibility.

Service consists of:

Disinfection Fogging

  • Disinfection of the environment using concentrated OAC based disinfectant
  • Our fogging method covers wide areas, quick and cleans hard-to-reach areas without much effort
  • Regular disinfecting services are recommended for a germ-free environment
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Our Clients

Lazada Group
Famous Amos
Charles and Keith
Victory Family Centre
Ai Tong School
Michael Page International
apex harmony lodge
rainbow centre
greenply industries
baptist theological seminary
Mashin Shokai Limited
taylor and francis
one wellness fitness club
Pulley Ascent
Sing Swee Bee
Soon Aik Group
Chye Lee and Sons
YLS Steel


We are avid believers in growth and development. We send our cleaners on courses to constantly upgrade, so as to ensure that we deliver the best standards of quality and service.


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We are a veteran in-house cleaning company that has more than 10 years of professional industry experience and have served 200+ clients ranging from multinational brands to local SMEs.